Hacia un contenido que te posicione mejor

Towards content that positions you better

After working with a large number of clients and carrying out extensive work focused on digital marketing, we can ensure that a key piece when it comes to generating high income has to do with the content that we are going to focus our strategy on.

The possibility of obtaining high volumes of organic traffic on our site is directly related to the content that we are going to create. So let's focus on the latter.

A common inconvenience when starting to put together, write or give materiality to a piece, is usually the impossibility of finding the first advance. Whether it's for a new website, a digital social network, or other creative work, getting started can be a little more complicated. Mainly because the possibilities are multiple and we want to tackle them all. Many times this leaves us blank.

So why not start by narrowing your sights and aiming for one thing at a time?

We are going to go through some guidelines so that in all that dizziness you can find simple places to start and thus come out quickly with ideas that are useful for generating content.

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First of all, focusing on the particular brings with it a greater facility to generate content. When you are starting out, it is common to want to do many things and try to cover everything.

Well, this surely speaks highly of you, but in the same practice, both Google and your users are going to give more value to content focused on a specific functionality of your service, than to another that expands a lot without being clear. nor deep in those things that you want to tell.

An example? From Google to customers

Suppose we are developing a website for a vegan burger gastronomic project. On our website we will tell our potential users everything about how the project works.

Now, let's get to the client side. What would happen if we read a note that seeks to tell in its entirety: what is the project, how does it work, what are its objectives, what are its recommendations and how to have better habits?

In principle, it is a lot of information and it is all together, it lacks precision and probably does not abound in details, since with the minimum it would take up a lot of space.

On the other hand, if we side with Google, something similar would happen. Google will value your content more when you write a text that refers to a particular aspect and develop it around that theme; In this way, you will achieve both a better positioning on the platform and also a possible positive reception by the person who found that content.

This is simply because by talking about a single topic, we have more chances to be exhaustive and resolve all the doubts that may exist, in addition to exhausting the information we have to provide in this regard. It is important that, over time, we can return to that content and optimize the information in case there are any changes or updates to that specific topic.

Clarity and intentionality

Being clear about the importance of being as generalist as possible will make it easier to plan and carry out creative pieces.

It is key to know that the content can be varied as long as the intention is clear. By intentionality we mean the goal we aim for when we start creating.

If we think about our example, we could tell who we are and what is the story that made us get here; what is the line of each product we offer; how we recommend cooking veggie burgers; what other brands do the same job and how we are different; how to take better care of the environment when going to the supermarket, and so on.

These content ideas can come from what people who are interested in services like ours are looking for.

More and better ideas

Why better? If we think about what makes one idea better than another when it comes to creating content, the answer regarding Google can be easy to track down.

A creative piece that responds to user demands will be better ranked in a search. Today more than 91% of the world's online experiences in search engines come from Google. Its weight as a power for a business is undeniable.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

One of the fundamental characteristics to position yourself will have to do with keyword optimization. We can use these keywords to know what our clients are looking for when they try to find answers oriented to a project like ours.

Even if your site is only a few months old, Google will bring you traffic for some weird, long keywords that you would never have thought someone would use to do a search.


Those words that are found on your site make you appear in Google searches, even if it is in low positions such as the second or third page of the platform. The fact of appearing in a position realizes that Google is giving value to what you are doing.

For this, the use of Google Console will be essential. This Google platform will allow you to see which are the keywords in which you are having clicks or impressions. You can orbit your content around those words and they will be a super appropriate guide to create a greater volume of information around those keywords that are bringing more users to your site.

With the passage of time and the creation of new content, you will obtain a greater weight around those keywords, which will increase your ranking in Google within the niche in which you develop.

These are some of the recommendations to make your website stand out, by Google. A little more than what we have been developing, focus the content on what interests our users.

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