SERPs: características desde Google

SERPs: features from Google

In April 2007 Google published an article in its search center. Here he mentioned the refinements his algorithm was making, with the goal of providing his users with the best search engine results ( SERPs ).

In the case of this post, the focus was on link building. His main recommendation, completely valid today, was related to putting yourself in the place of the users who visit your site and think about their needs .

This nodal guideline can be linked to each of the aspects that Google continuously optimizes in order to provide a better search system for users.

The advice on building links is not relevant today, but the recommendation that underlies that article and its relationship with the SERPs is.

What are SERPs?

The SERPs are the set of results that a search engine returns when doing a search , without being something exclusive to Google. Each of the results, regardless of the platform on which we do it, are part of the SERPs.

Its acronym in English refers to Search Engine Result Pages . In Spanish it is translated as Search Engine Result Pages.

Serps example


The results are composed of two fundamental features that are the titles and the meta descriptions .

On the other hand, the publication date, website, author, images, rating, are other attributes that may or may not appear in search results and are grouped into what are known as rich snippets .

Its function, as the name indicates, is to provide informational value to the user and give the site greater visibility .

According to Johannes Beus , CEO of Sistrix, there are up to 40 types of results and they depend on search intent, monetization and the availability of information.


Source: Sistrix


Closely related to the organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) marketing strategy are the results formats.

Those that are located at the top and contain an ad tag to the left of the link, represent pages for which you are spending Google Ads to advertise .

While the first and subsequent results, after those with the banner, have achieved their position without paying for advertising to the search engine .

Being able to appear in the first position of a search is not an easy task. In general, these sites use SEO strategies that are executed by people who are experts in digital marketing.


Source: FirstPageSage

In the image you can see two important things. First , the results that Google returns when performing a specific search.

In this case, the first link gets that position because it pays for its ads, while the other 3 have been positioned organically.

Second , what do the percentages tell us?

The CTR according to the position of a page at the time of a search.

What does it mean?

An average of 39.6% of users click on the first link below the ads, 18.4% on the second, and 10.1% on the third. On the other hand, ads typically take 2.1% of clicks.

This study, updated in 2022, makes it clear how having a solid organic strategy can become the main traffic generator for your website .


"Google Search is updated thousands of times a year to improve the experience and the quality of the results," the company mentions in another of its entries.

In 2021, more than 4,000 adjustments were made to the search engine algorithm that affect Google's performance. These modifications are made periodically and many of them, being small, are not notified.

In any case, the updates that are located as main, can indeed have significant changes in the performance of each site within Google.

It is important to keep in mind that many times these changes exceed the possibilities of experts since they are not issues to be corrected, as long as the guidelines for webmasters are respected.

In that sense, returning to the initial advice of trying to place ourselves in the place of our users, the emphasis in these guidelines is on the content that we are going to create.

After all, beyond winning or losing in terms of performance due to major updates, what will never fail us will be making quality content with the people who love what we do in mind .

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