Tres tips inteligentes para posicionarte en Google

Three smart tips to position yourself in Google

Creating a new website is a huge step, it involves a lot of work behind it, and we know that it is not just the hours we dedicate to it. There are illusions, hopes and above all sacrifice when it comes to a project that we are going to give birth to. Without wishing to draw analogies, this is an important process.
In any case, even if we think and wish that when launching a new website the public will come alone, it will hardly be the case. And for this there is something called SEO.


Organic ranking has many aspects, but we can anticipate that even if you are not an expert in the matter, there are some things you can do in order to have a better search ranking.

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We must be very clear about our objectives so that the return on investment is in line with our expectations. If you are just starting out, these tips can help you focus on your project and know what aspects search engines prioritize for web positioning.

1. Focus on content

Pages that focus on many things and want to cover different types of information have much more difficulty ranking.


It is different when working with specific content and seeking to be exhaustive with all the information we can provide on that particular topic.

How would that be?

Let's think that someone has a website where they offer birthday entertainment services.

When you start writing content you can, for example, tell “why a funny animation is important on your birthday” or “what is a good animation”.

The problem is when the creative pieces all return to the same common place. The one that leads you to reflect on who you are, what your work dynamic is like, what your goals are.

The important thing is to put together articles that have the particular functionalities in detail.

Let each one of them examine all the possibilities: “the best entertainment for 2-year-olds”, “what is the puppet service and scenery”, “why should we use our invitations”, “Play or not with mothers and fathers"?

In this sense, we are going to better guide our user and, in this way, they will be able to answer all the doubts they have regarding this topic.

Clear the doubts of the people who are going to read the article and cover all the gaps that may remain in order to later get the most out of that article and that it can be positioned in the best way.

So, if tomorrow the person who read that article needs an animation for her daughter's birthday, don't hesitate to think of you since your words guided her doubts.

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In order to generate content that attracts more people and consequently better positions your site, it will be essential to be clear about who you are talking to.

This mainly taking into account that the content of the platforms is turning towards personalization.

If your audience is clear, the chances that those who consume your content will like it will be greater.

2. Optimize your title tag and meta description.

The title is what appears in search engines as a link and the meta description is what is below the title.

People tend to click on links where the keyword they are searching for appears.

But, the keyword "Animations for birthdays" cannot be put alone. If it were this way, we would recommend that you repeat this word so that whoever goes looking for it is clear that this is your service. Unfortunately, search engines do not work this way.

The keywords have to be included in your title and meta description, but they also have to stand out and above all they have to flow in a sentence, be easy to read and arouse curiosity.

It is the complexity of the simple. We are sure you can do it.

3. Use Google search console

Google gives you a free tool to position yourself number 1 on its platform.

Although it may seem like it doesn't make sense, they actually bring you an instrument that will help you on this journey. It is highly recommended because it will give you a range of information that will be your main help to get better search results.

It is important that, once registered, you give it a few days to process as it takes a while for all the data on your site to load.

The best thing about this platform is that it shows which articles are receiving the best impressions.

Pause, what is an impression?

When you do a search on Google and when you scroll you realize that it is no longer necessary to enter a link to find what you wanted.

The sites that appear in your scrolling receive an impression of you. The number of impressions reflects the total number of times your page appeared in a search.

Let's go on, round up, close

On this platform you will be able to see how many impressions your article receives and how many times it is clicked. As well as many other things.

The percentage of clicks on impressions will be explained in the CTR whose acronym in English refers to Click Thru Rate. A page with a good CTR usually has a percentage greater than 1.70%.

Google Search Console also shows you all the keywords for which you appeared in searches. If we go back to the first tip, we can take advantage of this tool to visualize the keywords for which we are obtaining impressions and add them to our content.

Now, the meaning we give to those words has to be clear. It is one thing to generate content whose writing flows as long as the keywords are referenced.

It's quite another to forcefully mention keywords. This is a guaranteed failure since it will worsen the quality of the article and most likely whoever reads it will not be satisfied with the information that is being provided.

It's like when you show up to a work meeting. If you spend the whole time talking about your experience and do not allow interruptions, the other side will feel a tension.

Different from when we try not to force the interview and we relax, identifying which are the most important aspects without the need to make our whole life explicit.

It is always good to remember that the results are not immediate and that the longer you do something, the greater the learning. If we manage to learn, we will be watering our plants.

So, if you want to position yourself, pay attention:

Make super complete content.
Add the keywords in the title and meta description, when you write, seek to arouse curiosity.
Use Google Search Console.

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