About us?

WE is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who love what they do.

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing digital projects, working on Branding & Performance Strategies for companies of all kinds that need to position themselves and increase the profitability of their business through digital channels.

How we work?

We rely on data. Our approach is always based on market measurements to then design the best strategies so that our clients can make decisions with security and information. The work methodology we use follows the following phases:

We measure and analyze following the stages proposed by the Conversion Funnel.

> Digital Ecosystem

Our Work Proposal is based on the process of creating, maintaining and optimizing your Digital Ecosystem. For this, the steps to follow are:

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Define Brand Personality and Style Manual

Identifying the personality of your Brand is the first step in developing a Marketing and Communication Strategy in the digital world.

The key questions at this point are:

If your brand were a person, what would it be like? What are the values ​​or attributes with which you would define it and with which not? How is your relationship with customers? What is the voice and tone of communication of your brand? What visual elements do you communicate with: logo, color palette, typography, complementary graphics?

All of this allows us to define the nature of your communication through a brand manual that facilitates the identification and bonding of customers with your content.

Search for your Target Audience

The Audience is the totality of people who are exposed to a message, through any of the channels used in our digital communication.

Within the audience, we find the Segments, a subgroup of people who, being possible recipients of the message, also have similar specific characteristics.

Once the audience and the segments that comprise it have been identified, it is possible to begin to define the target audience (also called the target audience).

The Target Audience is the set of subgroups with the greatest possibility of positively receiving our message and, therefore, more likely to generate a conversion.

Within the Process of creating your Digital Ecosystem, our team of experts is dedicated to the search and continuous improvement of the Audiences segmented for your Campaigns.

Setting of SMART Objectives / KPIs

A key step for the development of a Digital Media Strategy consists of setting and configuring the objectives for each campaign in each network, which could be to position the brand with the most important keywords, increase traffic to the website, increase conversions, get leads, amplify the reach of publications, among others.

The process of creating, maintaining and optimizing your Digital Ecosystem requires defining SMART Objectives for each of the Conversion Funnel Stages. This is something that we will address within the service proposed by We!

Choice of Channels

The choice of channels depends on the result of the investigation that allows us to define where your ideal client is. What are your favorite networks, most read media and most used devices.

Once the channels to be developed for the brand have been selected, personalized strategies are proposed for each one according to the language, identity and formats of each space.

Measurement Process

Measurement is one of the most important parts of the entire process, it is what allows us to know if we are succeeding or not in meeting the objectives set for the brand.

At We we create dashboards in Google Data Studio that allow us to monitor in real time the measurement indicators associated with the objectives set for the brand.

Commercial proposal

The number of contracted hours will define the scope of the actions to be implemented throughout the month:

  • 40 Hours [800 USD]

    > 40 hours of monthly work by our team of experts.

    > 2 monthly monitoring meetings.

    > Report in Data Studio

  • 60 Hours [1,200 USD]

    > 60 hours of monthly work by our team of experts.

    > 3 monthly monitoring meetings.

    > Report in Data Studio

  • 80 Hours [1600 USD]

    > 80 hours of monthly work by our team of experts.

    > 4 monthly monitoring meetings.

    > Report in Data Studio

Includes implementation of campaigns, monthly report and consulting.

Extra Hour Value: 20 U$D

Does not include:

Banners, Photo, Video

Investment in Advertising Guidelines

Payment conditions:
month in advance