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TikTok Ads Management (hourly rate)

TikTok Ads Management (hourly rate)

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Harness the Power of TikTok Ads for Your Business

Engage with a younger audience and boost brand awareness on TikTok. Our TikTok Ads management services will help you create effective campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.


Tik-Tok Ads is the platform that the social network has opened to advertisers to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this platform with digital advertising. The reasons for investing and testing are varied, but they can be summarized in three:

Target: if your consumer is young, this is probably a highly recommended medium.

Saturation: like everything new, it is not yet saturated and that gives opportunities to pioneers.

In the application there are several types of ads

Brand Takeover
Brand Takeovers are 3-5 second video ads that appear full screen when the app is opened.

In-feed ads
In-feed ads is the most popular format. It appears organically among the videos and consists of a 15-second video accompanied by its destination URL.

Hashtag Challenge
The hashtag challenge, to gain interaction with the brand, is the most suitable way. It is about creating a challenge that, in addition to spreading organically, is given more visibility through advertising.

Branded effects
Branded Effects is about creating filters for users to use.

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